What kind of charities and non-profits do you support?

Liberation Culture supports different causes ranging from clean water for those in developing countries (www.generosity.org), bringing the arts back to school, to a variety of other causes within the United States and all around the world. During the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will also be GIFTING cards to those impacted from service providers, hospital staff, front line workers, senior citizens and anyone else impacted that could use a little love.

How are we as customers collaborating with you to give back during this pandemic?

During our current COVID-19 pandemic, each customer will have the opportunity to send love directly and indirectly through our “buy a card, gift a card” program. For every card purchased, Liberation Culture will be donating and sending a card to those impacted during this time. This will be a pool of original Liberation Culture cards getting sent out to service providers at hospitals, front line workers, senior citizens staying in or anyone else impacted by COVID-19.

For every item purchased, a gifted card will be added to our “giving back box,” accumulating these gifted cards ready to be sent out. Note: 1 card will be added to the “giving back box” per single card purchased. Card sets with 4-10 cards will equal to 2 cards added to the “giving back box” For questions on bulk orders, please e-mail liberationcultureco@gmail.com

How will you be gifting cards to people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Don’t you worry. We know of many hospitals, businesses, and others impacted that could use a little love sent their way. There are many places and people that could use a pick me up during this time, so you can trust that these meaningful cards will end up in the right hands, touching hearts across the country. Currently, these gifted cards are only available for delivery within the United States, postage included free of charge to the customer. If you do have someone specific you would like to gift this card to, feel free to reach out to us at liberationcultureco@gmail.com with your order number and special request within 10 days of purchasing.

What sizes do your greeting cards come in?

Most of our cards come in measurements of 4X6 or 3.5X5. Card sets are all measured in 3.5X5 unless otherwise specified.

How long does it take my purchase to ship out?

Standard processing time for orders will range from 2-6 days. Once the order is processed, shipping within the United States should take anywhere between 2-5 days for arrival.

If you have a question about your order, feel free to contact us at liberationcultureco@gmail.com

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, there will be a different shipping cost depending on where your order is going to.

Do all your cards come with envelopes?

Yes, matching envelopes come with every single card order, including card sets and bulk orders.

Do you do custom orders?

For customer orders, please reach out to liberationcultureco@gmail.com and let us know what you would like.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, discounts are a possibility depending on the quantity. Please reach out to liberationcultureco@gmail.com to inquire about your order.

I’m an artist. Is there any way I can collaborate with you?

We love different artists and artwork, so feel free to reach out to us at liberationcultureco@gmail.com